WASH seminars

WASH stands for "water, sanitation and hygiene". In many cases diarrheal diseases, malaria, typhoid and other diseases plague the population.

This is why we have our WASH seminars. We offer WASH seminars at the village level. The content of our WASH seminars is

  1. What is water
  2. What does water have to do with health?
  3. water-borne, water-based, water-related diseases, diseases due to water deficiency
  4. Prophylaxis of these diseases by simple means and medicinal plants
  5. Therapy of these diseases with medicinal plants
  6. Plumbing - simple and effective methods to improve the plumbing conditions
  7. Water treatment using simple and effective technologies

After attending our seminar, participants will have the necessary knowledge to do water treatment, to avoid diseases, treat diseases with medicinal plants from their garden or farmland and to improve the sanitary situation in their environment.
The contents are applicable both in the family, on the village level and in refugee camps.

A seminar participant with a container of dirty water