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Water is my passion

You want to improve the living conditions and therefore conduct a project in the area of water, e.g. water supply, water treatment, sewage, but do not know how.
Then this is the place to be. I can provide you with a water-based on-site survey or advice on water-related questions.

If we realize/see that the project is interesting for the NGO Institute Water for Africa (IWFA), your project may be supported by IWFA, both professionally and financially. Are you interested?

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Workers taking soil samples on a field

Water management

Water-based on-site surveys for projects in the field of water supply, sewage, irrigation, drainage, hydrology

A new centrifugal pump

Hydraulic engineering

Advice on hydraulic questions, e.g. dimensioning of pumps, water pipes

Weather station with various instruments


Statistical evaluation of hydrological and hydrometeorological data, baseline analysis of the water balance

Someone holds open Moringa pods in their hands. Seeds are visible.


Cultivation, harvesting and quality control of Moringa. Water treatment with Moringa. Moringa in your diet.

Seminar Teachers at the board


Water and sanitation, water treatment, sanitation, diseases and their treatment with local plants

A seminar participant with a container of dirty water


E.g. Workshop on effective water treatment with adapted methods


M.Eng. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Baisch


My passion is hydraulic engineering in rural areas, especially in Africa. E.g. the planning and supervision of the maintenance and development of the water supply of the mission hospital in Adi, Congo, on behalf of an NGO.

For me, it is important that the technology which is used can be managed and maintained by the local population. Technology works – I have reached my goal if I am no longer needed. The population should be able to provide sufficient clean water and good hygiene afterwards.

My Know-how

  • Training as a construction engineer for water management
  • Studies of Water Management & Agricultural Engineering
  • Post graduate studies in Water Management in Tropis and Subtropics
  • Post graduate studies in Applied Computing in Civil Engineering

Activities and experiences in

  • IT in German health care and in a mission in Uganda
  • research at a federal research institute
  • urban drainage projects in Germany
  • water supply projects in Nigeria, Burundi, Malawi, DR Congo
  • an irrigation project in Malawi
  • water treatment projects in Malawi and Burundi


  • Institute Water for Africa e.V.
  • SAFINA Tanzania
  • Emmanuel International Malawi
  • CECA 20, DR Congo


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    Water and Sanitation in International Development and Disaster Relief, Proceedings of International Workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 2008; p. 613-618
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Wetterstation mit verschiedenen Instrumenten
Jürgen Baisch


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